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Fm Car Transmitter

Car Fm Transmitter

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Car Fm Transmitter

FM Transmitter allows your vehicle to be connected to the headphone jack easily and broadcast in a certain frequency range. This frequency is found quickly from the auto radio. In this way, you can listen to many devices with the sound system in the vehicle. The FM Transmitter car kit plugs into the car's cigarette lighter socket and turns on the power. After starting to work, it displays the frequency point via the LED display. Bluetooth especially FM Transmitter models allow you to enjoy uninterrupted music without the need for any cable. If the FM Transmitter connects to your phone's Bluetooth hands-free feature for the first time, pairing between devices is required. After the devices are paired, you can make calls from your phone or answer the incoming calls easily with the hands-free feature. Car FM Transmitter also perfectly supports A2DP function, which allows you to play music on your phone. Music is transferred to the sound system of your car via the FM function. In this way, you can enjoy quality and high performance sound system. With echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, making noise also provides a smooth sound output.

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