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Car Seat & Main Lap

0 Fix Plus the Kraft spin-36Kg car seat

Group 0-1-2-3 (0-36 Kg) approximately between the ages of 0-12 are suitable for use.• ECE R44/04 (European Safety Standard) Certified• Seat ISOFIX base is fixed to the front or to the back on rotated ..


15-36 Kg Booster Car Seat Ultra Comfort Pink Converse

Converse 15-36 Kg Booster Car Seat Available from 15-36 kg, Suitable for use between approximately the ages of 4-11 Can be connected with a tool belt. A booster is used as. Other color options of ..


1701 Kraft Portbebe

1701 Kraft Portbebewith the structure for your baby and a handy orthopedic both sheltered and robust product. at the top has a removable hat to protect the baby's face snaps to follow.a soft interior...


4080 ISOFIX Prego Journey With Car Seat - Grey

4080 ISOFIX Prego journey with car seat - GrayGroup: II+III (15-36kg) the ability to connect with ISOFIX system The head Support section adjustable to 4 different positions seating unit adjustable to ..


Anakucag Love Cover Bebe - Pink Star

100% cotton lap blanket made of fabric that your baby does not sweat Sevibebe Main wind, dust, sun and are protected from pests. Elastic bottom structure due to the main standard it is suitable to giv..


Avionaut Car Seat 0-13 Kg Red Kit

Avionaut Kite Car Seat features 0-13 kg red   Its Modern design, soft lining and thermal comfort make it ideal for long journeys. With adjustable head support, height adjustment can be made accordin..


Avionaut Car Seat Black 0-13 Kg Kit

Car seat Pixel is the lightest car seat in the 0 to 13 kg category.  He has passed numerous tests and has various certificates. Using I-SIZE technology, you will guarantee the best protection for th..


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