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Active Titan Water Bottle 192244 Leech 0.75 Lt.

Active Titan Water Bottle 192244 Leech 0.75 Lt.

Active Titan Water Bottle 192244 Leech 0.75 Lt.

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Product Details

Water bottle with a capacity of 750ML polycarbonate bottle offers Active Titan in the states. Long-task throughout the working day, and liquid health drinks-that you can use is a bottle store.BPA-free , impact-resistant and dishwasher durable Tritan copolyester material is made from. Great cover, and makes it easy to put ice in the bottle can be removed for cleaning while the second small lid eliminates the risk of drinking water seepage and spillage.


Pros: a bottle of Hank's flow. Sturdy, it is almost impossible to break.In addition, the scaling schedule is well thought out a handy detail. Easy to fill wide mouth pot or drinks a little water from the source water or snow cover, which makes the ability to use well-thought-out hybrid is a detail; m MSR dromedary water system covering mouths, and the mouths of some filter system, it fits too. This bottle does not hold bacteria, easy to clean. It's very cheap. Size (length, thickness) to fit in a climbing bag is ideal. Cover the bottle with a plastic tie is attached to the disappearance impossible, same with the carbine you can get around the bottle somewhere out of the ring.





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