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Fakir Coffee Maker 4 Cup | Coffee Cup With A Capacity Of Four Scrub

Fakir Coffee Maker 4 Cup | Coffee Cup With A Capacity Of Four  Scrub

Fakir Coffee Maker 4 Cup | Coffee Cup With A Capacity Of Four Scrub

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Poor coffee machine Turkish coffee rose (rose color)

poor coffee, Turkish coffee maker, allows you to prepare traditional Turkish coffee the original taste, and consistency with both. Produced as suitable for home and office use machine, coffee makes it possible to cook it quickly at any moment. Coffee at one time for yourself and your guests a sufficient amount of to your aid when you want to make a running machine, according to conventional methods, gives you the opportunity to make coffee, quite effortless.

useful and practical Turkish coffee maker


  • the machine which has a 4 cup capacity, meets your need for delicious Turkish coffee at one time. the
  • measuring spoon Coffee, Turkish coffee, to prepare for makes it possible for desired consistency. the
  • one-touch control, the cooking process makes coffee easier than you think. the
  • Sound and light warning system when your coffee is ready, allows you to be informed of the situation. the
  • cooking slot machine is running activated when illuminated, reinforces the elegance of your kitchen. the
  • safety protection against overheating and dry Operation, Safe against issues that may occur during machine operation makes.

featured specifications


  • Power: 735 W in
  • Cup, capacity: 4 the
  • water tank capacity: 300 ML the
  • color: pink the
  • water knee-high Safety: There the
  • safety overheat-out: the
  • buzzer: Yes the
  • auto shut-off: Yes the
  • Coffee Pot material: plastic

package contents

the product, measuring spoon, instruction manual and warranty card comes with. Packaging content instruction manual, How to use a product gives detailed information on how you should.

the trusted brand of the industry, home appliances

Poor, was established in Germany in 1933. Poor in the sector electrical appliances, in a short time managed to become one of the most preferred electronic brands around the world. Fakir, Who is regarded as one of the most important principles of customer satisfaction, through its wide product range offers effective solutions to consumer needs.





pick your color suitable for the kitchen, Coffee, Turkish coffee and pleasant experience!


poor coffee Turkish coffee machine, water overflow protection system that prevents operation without luminescence technology to prevent your kitchen and provides complete security.


product features:


  • you can cook 4 cups for your coffee cups until 70 ml of medium.

  • one-touch you can control with ease.


  • the holder during the operation of cooking aydinlatir.


  • cable length 75 cm, although the cable storage slot.


  • standard Coffee measuring spoon enables you to capture the flavor in each coffee.


  • thanks to the warning light and buzzer, notifies you when your coffee is ready.


  • works with 735 W heater power.






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