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369 9969 2275 3245 Ds

369 9969 2275 3245 Ds

369 9969 2275 3245 Ds

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Delta Functional Pilates Kit - Ds 2275

  • this functional set; consists of descriptions of specified water products below:
    75 cm Pilates ball
  • fitness, aerobics and gymnastics you can use in your work.
  • sports halls, fitness centers, schools, kindergartens, physical therapy centers, hospitals, homes and even offices in DELTA, you can use a Pilates ball.
  • Dynamic seating positions, training, and the possibilities of making therapeutic exercises associated with it.
  • to exercise our body needs; these needs you can meet DELTA pilates with the ball.
  • size : 75 cm.
  • color : blue
    Pilates band ( The Band ) – medium tension (medium hardness)
  • enables you to move all of our body from head to toe Nov groups of the body to enhance, stabilize, and solidified; delivering maximum performance with minimum movement of our bodies, is the product of personal use and light gymnastics.
  • the most popular sport of recent times is one of the products necessary for you to do Pilates at home.
  • Pilates stretch band.
  • can be used as exercises in addition to pilates, aerobics and other sports is the perfect aid muscles to warm up before work.
  • dimensions : 120 cm * 15 cm * 0.50 mm
    Pilates ball, hand pump oversized ( 25 cm )
  • Pilates will help in a practical way to inflate your ball.
  • 25 cm) in length.
  • duplex (two-way) feature. The outstanding feature that separates this pump from simple pump, the pump pumping air during both forward and reverse motion allows you to continue.
  • color : red
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