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Oze Grinding Ottoman Coffee 500 Gr.

Oze Grinding Ottoman Coffee 500 Gr.

Oze Grinding Ottoman Coffee 500 Gr.

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Tags: Grinding, Ottoman, Coffee, 500, Gr, tcoffee

  • %100 Arabica (Brazil)
  • Natural coffee aroma and dense consistency
  • Delicious and smooth foam

menengiç of fresh roasted Arabica beans, carob, Mastic, chocolate, cardamom and coffee cream blended with extract obtained from the Ottoman Dibek coffee; its unique intense aroma with notes of spices, full of flavor additives with the foam you will introduce you the traditional taste of the Ottoman palace and the spectacular. From Ethiopia to Yemen, from Yemen in the Ottoman capital of Istanbul, the palace, dating back to this delightful Turkish tradition, pounded in stone mortars labor in your cup of coffee will carry.

in the pot Directions

Drinking water or measure out a cup of milk and put it in the pot. For each cup two teaspoons (5 g.) coffee and add sugar according to your desires.

Combine sugar and coffee over low heat. After a while, the surging foam into cups and distribute. A boil pour the remaining coffee into cups.


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