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Vakko women's Black Cross Bag-255 26k244

Vakko women's Black Cross Bag-255 26k244

Vakko women's Black Cross Bag-255 26k244

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Tags: Vakko, women's, Black, Cross, Bag-255, 26k244


Among the most exclusive accessories of women's clothing, bag designs gain a brand new style in Vakko quality. The bag models, which are enriched with elegant and elegant details, hold an important place in the tooling as an aesthetic accessory and functional areas of use. The bag models, which you can choose as a handbag and are often used daily, provide the perfect storage space for the small items you want to keep with you with their large internal bulkheads. Bag accessories such as Metal, sequins and scarves strongly emphasize the privileged style of Vakko. 

The range of portfolio bags you can opt for for an elegant, elegan and dynamic look is also being reinterpreted. Portfolio bags with very stylish lines in their fine detail are striking with the qualities to accompany you elegantly both in office and in everyday use. Clutch bag models designed for night use reflect one of the most stylistic examples of Vakko glory. Accentuating the strong look with accessories such as sequins, sequins and beads, clutch models manage to get all the attention on you. 



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