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Aqualite Pellet Feed 200 G.Aqualite Pellet Feed 200 G.

Aqualite Pellet Feed 200 G.

the Analysis Values : Protein, min. 12% Fat, min.-Max. %1-5 Humidity Max. 12% Cellulose Max. 12% inorganic matter Max. 20% additives: Vit.A min. 5000 I. U/kg Vit.D min. 500 I. U/kg Vit.E min. 25mg/kg ..


Ahm Cichlid bucket Green 10 Lt.Ahm Cichlid bucket Green 10 Lt.

Ahm Cichlid bucket Green 10 Lt.

Cichlid granulate is also AHM Green 10 litre * material Fed in the composition of Lake Tanganyika is very rich algla for gum, the gum with protein and specific amino acids based on their needs.* Steri..


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