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Pure and natural essential oils.

Misa Avocado OilMisa Avocado Oil

Misa Avocado Oil

MISA is manufactured with a specially developed formula Anti cellulite massage oil. Anti cellulite massage oil deep into the layers of the skin effect the skin by Misa in L-carnitine level increases. ..


 Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure

Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure

  Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure Propolis-Black Cumin-Garlic Cure Propolis - Black Cumin - Garlic Cure consists of four herbal products. Propolis - Black Cumin -..


Misa St. John's Wort OilMisa St. John's Wort Oil

Misa St. John's Wort Oil

St. John's wort OIL prevents the growth of bacteria in the wound with an antiseptic. anti-inflammatory property is to prevent any pus formation in the wound. the squeezing effect of the arteries..


Misa Coconut OilMisa Coconut Oil

Misa Coconut Oil

natural exfoliating MISA 100% vegetable as is an improved product. special plant and clay thanks to its formula freshness to the skin, gives vitality. the deep cleaning of the skin plays an acti..


Misa Rosemary OilMisa Rosemary Oil

Misa Rosemary Oil

MISA is a completely herbal product and consists of hairmax hair care kit shampoo solution. plant oils and herbal extracts that comprise the basic building blocks. the minerals that are found in plant..


 Dodo Bitter Almond Oil 20Ml Dodo Bitter Almond Oil 20Ml

Dodo Bitter Almond Oil 20Ml

  Dodo Bitter Almond Oil 20Ml..


Gebece St. John's Wort Oil 20 MlGebece St. John's Wort Oil 20 Ml

Gebece St. John's Wort Oil 20 Ml

Gebece 20 ml St. John's wort Oil 20 ml Wort oil contains...


Jasmine Oil 20 Ml GebeceJasmine Oil 20 Ml Gebece

Jasmine Oil 20 Ml Gebece

Jasmine oil 20 ml Gebece..


Misa Peppermint OilMisa Peppermint Oil

Misa Peppermint Oil

anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. because of local anesthetic property, all the painful situations can be used. returns a positive result in migraine and headache. upper respiratory tract i..


Misa Carrot OilMisa Carrot Oil

Misa Carrot Oil

gives strength to body. constipation. is used in the treatment of intestinal inflammations. causing intestinal bleeding. this is useful in children's diarrhea. used for anemia. breast milk..


Misa Jasmine OilMisa Jasmine Oil

Misa Jasmine Oil

it is good for nervous stress. it is a natural expectorant. it is good for arthritis pain. nourishes and revitalizes the skin. cellulite reduction has the property. Relaxing and has an effect to make ..


Maia Rose Oil 20 MlMaia Rose Oil 20 Ml

Maia Rose Oil 20 Ml

MAIA rose oil 20 ml      ..


Misa Black Seed OilMisa Black Seed Oil

Misa Black Seed Oil

black seed oil germs, viruses and fungi against a lethal effect. the breathing tube is to eliminate and excrete the expander. has a protective effect against cancer. regulates blood sugar. fixes gives..


Misa Ylang Yilang OilMisa Ylang Yilang Oil

Misa Ylang Yilang Oil

it is extremely refreshing aromatic effect. not Just in skin care has incredible effects on the health of the hair. Refreshes hair. it has an aphrodisiac effect. dry skin is moisturizing. if your ..


Misa Tea Tree OilMisa Tea Tree Oil

Misa Tea Tree Oil

massage oil with a formula specially developed ACTIVATOR MISA is manufactured. MISA ACTIVATOR effect on the skin massage oil deep into the skin layers by giving the feeling of warmth,softening and soo..


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Pure and natural essential oils.

Pure and natural essential oils.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are by and large gotten by steam refining of herbs, blooms natural products, wood, and gums. These common and natural characters have each got their claim characteristics and an interesting aroma.

How are they used?

Essential oils can be utilized independently or blended with others to form your claim combination. There is a parcel of ways to enjoy their benefits: with rub, within the shower, by vaporizing or inhaling these oils, as a fragrance for rooms, with cushions ...

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