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Husky Freak 6 Mm Inflatable MatHusky Freak 6 Mm Inflatable Mat

Husky Freak 6 Mm Inflatable Mat

the product description: thanks to 6cm insulation, allows any surface to lay on. 184x63 CM dimensions, or in the tent while lying under the Stars provides more sleeping space. This matte, are packed ..


Husky Fled 5 Inflatable MatHusky Fled 5 Inflatable Mat

Husky Fled 5 Inflatable Mat

the product description: Self-swellable camp Mati, which is 5 cm, and the width of the new model. Ozellikleri: Self-swellable the Sleep 5 cm insulation the easy storage Malzemeleri: is made from 150D..


Inflatable Mat Husky FollyInflatable Mat Husky Folly

Inflatable Mat Husky Folly

the product description: Folly, camping mats, light weight and easy to store, thanks to a product that can fit into every backpack. Ozellikleri: Self-swellable the 2.5 cm insulation while you sleep t..


Inflatable Mat Husky Fuzzy NewInflatable Mat Husky Fuzzy New

Inflatable Mat Husky Fuzzy New

the product description: thanks to this new design of fuzzy camping mats, allows you to get a peaceful night's sleep. Ozellikleri: Self-swellable the 3.5 cm of insulation while you sleep Malzemeleri:..


Husky Inflatable Frosty MatteHusky Inflatable Frosty Matte

Husky Inflatable Frosty Matte

the product description: this light camping mats, custom is made in the form of a mummy. Another reason of lightness, the inner surface of the mat layer is diamond-shaped. Package size cm 26x15, that..


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