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Pistachios (Under The Tree) 1 KgPistachios (Under The Tree) 1 Kg

Pistachios (Under The Tree) 1 Kg

raw shellfish PEANUTS.%60 A CLOSED MOUTH.Opens his mouth with pliers on your own...


1Kg pistachio was mever Inner1Kg pistachio was mever Inner

1Kg pistachio was mever Inner

at the end of the month of July and harvested peanuts from the Shell and separated by the 15th of the month of August of the election obtained with the product. with the baklava and the ice cream ind..


1Kg pistachio red interior1Kg pistachio red interior

1Kg pistachio red interior

so after maturing Peanut 9. the hard shells of nuts harvested in the month is obtained by separation of peanuts. chocolate and candy used in the industry. manufactured with high precision, our produ..


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